Monday, August 13, 2012

Tableau es tres chic!

The Vases of the Lady of Nylon Outfitters...

Why hello there lovelies! Been quite some while, but I've been painstakingly searching the grid.  I have found quite a number of lovely little places. Of course, I had to start with one that I had always loved from it's conception. Not many times do you look at a sim and just spend hours wondering around and shopping like mad. Taking pictures and trying to create fiends with all the folks there.  Tableau made by the Tableau Sisters, Toast Bard, Nylon Pinkney, and Polyester Partridge, among others is a painstakingly well made sim. With splashes of colors everywhere and a very funky ambience. You feel like you went to Mexico, to a small town where a war once took place, and one with a quirky history too. Dinosaurs and circus included.

There is much to see and do, and to be honest you really should just go to explore and admire the work with friends. Wear a bicycle from What Next, or simply get one from the sim which you can ride around in. A very refreshing look at second life.  So just go and enjoy.

Let the drum-rolls begin for the collection of pictures....

I decided to wear my simple, shopping outfit for today. A collection of most of my older sculpted items, and some mesh pieces. It's simple, but I loved it for that. I didn't want to look too detailed since the main focus was the spot. 

Skin- (FD) - Bird Skin - Slasher 4 (Freckles)
Hair- !Lamb - In Heaven- Restaurant Ketchup
Clothes- TB! Full Printed Shorts -- Past Stumblebum.
Clothes- TB! Loose Tank (Grey) -- Past Stumblebum.
Cardigan- {Bingo} - Blessa Turquoise Cardigan
Shoes- (Elate!)- Theia Sandal Camel Brown 
Necklace- (Yummy) Sea Trinkets Charm Necklace -- Past Collabor88
Blush- (FD)- Pastel Peppers (Blush) --  Past Collabor88

Kisses and hugs and some chocolates to you all...XOXOXO