Sunday, June 24, 2012

Restful Sunday

Hello dears, I just had to relax for a bit...
After myriads hours of work or as I call it, the never-ending purgatory, I just had to take a day off and relax in my own "little" home.  (Oh I know the Lion will kill me for telling you of all the work he gives me). Winks. You already are familiar with some of the styles that I like. In fact, I have already given you a sneak peek. Here's another tour of my abode. 

My house and lot for that matter, were inspired by the Martha's Vineyard beach side residences. Quaint- wooden houses, with a bit of pines and maples, and a nice beach out back. In addition, I looked at my northern neighbors in Northern Florida, cute, wooden structures with a forest-like front and side area and a simple beach out back.  I was a bit adamant to to try this combination at first though,  I had previously seen beach theme and forest theme, but never a merging of both styles. Nevertheless, after months of working on other's homes, and replicating my Middle-Eastern/Ecclectic style, I decided to jump into this project with great eagerness and determination. 

It took my three long months of working on my one-fourth sim, plot and though dead as a doormat, my house came out as I had envisioned it.  I think it came out gorgeous, don't you think? I will show you more pics in the coming months. I might just want to take long naps on that What's Next set. Or lean on the New Trails tree and read a newspaper. Walk around to the border of the sea and rest on a Naiman rock with a glass of lemonade, or even walk back to the garden shed and just pick a spot to plant flowers in.   
Now, as for my clothes selection..  I just absolutely loved the texture in the skirt part on the Villena dress. It just is spring-inspired and so easy to wear and matched with the light lime on the top. The skirt had the same color as my previously acquired pair of shoes from Tesla, a simple pearlized pink pumps that match with quite a bit of my ensembles.  To complete this uber chic and simple look, I used the new Lagyo necklace from the FairyTale Fair. Yes I did take a few minutes to go there, and though it was a bit laggy it was a great place to see talent and to shop it.  Kisses XOXO.

Outfit Credits:
FD! Fashionably Dead - Dust 4 (Freckles)
!lamb. Frosti - Resturant Ketchup
- TESLA - Vixen_II (Tea Rose)
.:villena:. - flower dress Lime
LaGyo Alice necklace

Where oh where are my bunnies today? Are they eating my cabbages?!!!

The heat is killing me! I need, more water now, before I faint! Oops..

Monday, June 18, 2012

Irish in Me

Hello from Alchemy Immortalis!

"I once was an Irish for a day, and drank enough ale to fill the barn with hay."   - Me singing at the top of my longs and Sl-Irish old folk song. 

I've been foolishly giddy today. Maybe it's the ten cafe con leche's I drank, maybe it's the chocolate or maybe it's this darn journal of my sl escapades and fashion and likes and don't likes.   Just today I rediscovered an old love of mine. A simple and quaint experience in the middle of the hustle and bustle that is second life. A lovely little scenic sanctuary and tranquil spot. Yes, if you know what it is, shush. From the rolling-green hills like Ireland, to the scenic architecture of olden Celtic relics and ruins, to the cute sheep and the vegetable patches, these sims are just too painstakingly well made and thought out.   I think most of you have gone here, but if you have not, please do come. Take a look, some respite and just listen to the rolling waves as you drive your roadster around the sims.  The following demonstrate just a few shots detailing how stunningly well done these sims are.

As for my outfit, I decided to go a bit "vintagey".  Hair is 50's inspired and if I look like Lana Del Rey, well she copied me alright? What can I say? Irina is that magical winks.  The eyeglasses are cat-eyed and are in red to match the belt and the shoes. The cross I wore because I just loved it from first sight. The dress is a simple girly chambray style and looks great with the belt, and the necklace, very summery yet very fashionable.. The shoes are my summer go to wedges in red, which I do tend to overuse because they do remind me of a pair that I had in rl and lost because of my old cat. And of course, the bag is a funky bag, just to add some color and shock to the look.

And the ride begins through the bed and breakfast, look at me trying to be all serious.
Oh those old Celtic ruins and sheep in the background.
An aerial view of part of the area.

Forgot the Lindens at home, darn it!

Clothes Credits:

(fd) Bird Skin - Slasher 4 (Freckles)
Clawtooth: You're a Star - Sunset
tram -vintage denim op(Mesh)[navy]- M & Belt.
 [ glow ] studio - Pearl Cross Necklace
[SC] Surf Couture - Knotted Wedges  - Red
The Secret Store - Funky Tango Bag - Guinnevere - Shoulder
Sunglasses- Alphavillain Gatchas!

Be sure to check out the sim if you like great scenic views! 
And the main place:

The read head kisses you bon adieu for now! Kisses XOXO.

The Home.

All About the Home

Sometimes one notices an item in a store or several sims and falls in love with the items. Sometimes one decided that they just want to hit the sim owner in the head get them to change their names with yours, and then take their land and just claim it as your sl home. The latter always been the one you basically never let out. Haha. Well, I recently went to two sims I absolutely loved. One was the Zacca store's main sim. A particular favorite of mine for great textures and lovely and unique items such as pathways and gates etc it also had an amazing look to it. Here, let me show you: (For clothes information feel free to look at my flicker url, I have some information there.) Of course, I then went to U.F.O which is one of my fave stores, and discovered the incredibly detailed and somewhat secretive garden in there. It was just so great that they inspired me to change my house and freshen the look. So then I just had to edit my house so as a sneak preview hehe because I will surely brag about my house every month. So there you have it my dears, I took what I saw and made a variation of it. With my New Trails items and my house. I hope you liked it. Please do comment if you like. Cheers and XOXO. Bye

Below are the links: U.F.O Sim slurl below:



Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Premise

Irina Forwzy is my sl birth name. Irina Olive Oil Deschanel, is my chosen name. Call me Olive in short. I was born in a small field up in the Northern Ramparts of the Galileo sim, near the free nachos stand. I first started in theater perfecting my sl drama faces and then went on to do some rather fun work of using those skills. I worked in several sims and even killed zombies in my 50's clothes. But alas, those days of running have worn me out and thus I have decided to sit back and take a few moments to relax, unwind and write a most glorious journal of my travels, my clothes, my looks, my house, and of course those few things that have caught my eye but might be eyesores for all but well, the one using the said offending item. So yes, I hope this journal that has now been leaked to the internet, finds it's way in your darling hands. And I should say sir, that you will most likely love it. For the future entries, there will of course be explanations. I might also critique items in a light matter. But mostly be me randomly commenting on things. Well off I go to my sl life. To discover some random drama, or better yet lovely sim.