Monday, June 18, 2012

Irish in Me

Hello from Alchemy Immortalis!

"I once was an Irish for a day, and drank enough ale to fill the barn with hay."   - Me singing at the top of my longs and Sl-Irish old folk song. 

I've been foolishly giddy today. Maybe it's the ten cafe con leche's I drank, maybe it's the chocolate or maybe it's this darn journal of my sl escapades and fashion and likes and don't likes.   Just today I rediscovered an old love of mine. A simple and quaint experience in the middle of the hustle and bustle that is second life. A lovely little scenic sanctuary and tranquil spot. Yes, if you know what it is, shush. From the rolling-green hills like Ireland, to the scenic architecture of olden Celtic relics and ruins, to the cute sheep and the vegetable patches, these sims are just too painstakingly well made and thought out.   I think most of you have gone here, but if you have not, please do come. Take a look, some respite and just listen to the rolling waves as you drive your roadster around the sims.  The following demonstrate just a few shots detailing how stunningly well done these sims are.

As for my outfit, I decided to go a bit "vintagey".  Hair is 50's inspired and if I look like Lana Del Rey, well she copied me alright? What can I say? Irina is that magical winks.  The eyeglasses are cat-eyed and are in red to match the belt and the shoes. The cross I wore because I just loved it from first sight. The dress is a simple girly chambray style and looks great with the belt, and the necklace, very summery yet very fashionable.. The shoes are my summer go to wedges in red, which I do tend to overuse because they do remind me of a pair that I had in rl and lost because of my old cat. And of course, the bag is a funky bag, just to add some color and shock to the look.

And the ride begins through the bed and breakfast, look at me trying to be all serious.
Oh those old Celtic ruins and sheep in the background.
An aerial view of part of the area.

Forgot the Lindens at home, darn it!

Clothes Credits:

(fd) Bird Skin - Slasher 4 (Freckles)
Clawtooth: You're a Star - Sunset
tram -vintage denim op(Mesh)[navy]- M & Belt.
 [ glow ] studio - Pearl Cross Necklace
[SC] Surf Couture - Knotted Wedges  - Red
The Secret Store - Funky Tango Bag - Guinnevere - Shoulder
Sunglasses- Alphavillain Gatchas!

Be sure to check out the sim if you like great scenic views! 
And the main place:

The read head kisses you bon adieu for now! Kisses XOXO.

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