Sunday, June 24, 2012

Restful Sunday

Hello dears, I just had to relax for a bit...
After myriads hours of work or as I call it, the never-ending purgatory, I just had to take a day off and relax in my own "little" home.  (Oh I know the Lion will kill me for telling you of all the work he gives me). Winks. You already are familiar with some of the styles that I like. In fact, I have already given you a sneak peek. Here's another tour of my abode. 

My house and lot for that matter, were inspired by the Martha's Vineyard beach side residences. Quaint- wooden houses, with a bit of pines and maples, and a nice beach out back. In addition, I looked at my northern neighbors in Northern Florida, cute, wooden structures with a forest-like front and side area and a simple beach out back.  I was a bit adamant to to try this combination at first though,  I had previously seen beach theme and forest theme, but never a merging of both styles. Nevertheless, after months of working on other's homes, and replicating my Middle-Eastern/Ecclectic style, I decided to jump into this project with great eagerness and determination. 

It took my three long months of working on my one-fourth sim, plot and though dead as a doormat, my house came out as I had envisioned it.  I think it came out gorgeous, don't you think? I will show you more pics in the coming months. I might just want to take long naps on that What's Next set. Or lean on the New Trails tree and read a newspaper. Walk around to the border of the sea and rest on a Naiman rock with a glass of lemonade, or even walk back to the garden shed and just pick a spot to plant flowers in.   
Now, as for my clothes selection..  I just absolutely loved the texture in the skirt part on the Villena dress. It just is spring-inspired and so easy to wear and matched with the light lime on the top. The skirt had the same color as my previously acquired pair of shoes from Tesla, a simple pearlized pink pumps that match with quite a bit of my ensembles.  To complete this uber chic and simple look, I used the new Lagyo necklace from the FairyTale Fair. Yes I did take a few minutes to go there, and though it was a bit laggy it was a great place to see talent and to shop it.  Kisses XOXO.

Outfit Credits:
FD! Fashionably Dead - Dust 4 (Freckles)
!lamb. Frosti - Resturant Ketchup
- TESLA - Vixen_II (Tea Rose)
.:villena:. - flower dress Lime
LaGyo Alice necklace

Where oh where are my bunnies today? Are they eating my cabbages?!!!

The heat is killing me! I need, more water now, before I faint! Oops..

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