Monday, July 16, 2012

Work can be a chore... but a romantic night can always help....

Argh, where's my chocolate?

Sorry lovelies,  I had a tough few weeks at work. If any of you there know what accounting departments can be like when audited well you know how I feel. I had a few great weeks in second life. I edited my home just a bit, re-textured some posters, and added a couple of things. It's not a huge deal, but it does make the house look great. I also went to several fairs.  I love fairs by the way, but enough about that. Let me post a few shots of when I visited Zigana. I absolutely love that store, from the way it is set up to the items sold. The colors and pallet used is warm and very cozy, it reminds me of my grandmother's house and the old photographs of my family in Havana, and of the even older images of my family in Spain. It's rich in hues, warm in colors, and textures. Woods, and stones, and a very bohemian spot to just relax and converse in. I would also suggest for you to just sit and take a few shots there, as well as contribute by purchasing an item you like.  But hidden in the sim is a lovely spot that you shall see, a gypsy camper with chairs all mismatched around a colorful table, adorned by mismatched items and chinese lanterns. It's a lovely setting, beautiful and romantic as well as bohemian.  An inspiration to any decorator, or anyone that likes a funky look to their sl home.

Oh just waiting for the cup of coffee and flirting with that dashing cat in the corner, rawr, oh wait darn why did he just decide to chase the mouse?

For attire I chose the simple colorful shirt from Mimikri in cool tones, purples and blues, with the matching Chantkare earrings. Stunningly gorgeous and yet laid back. The hair is as laid back style from Lamb in of course my favorite color, yes you got that right red! The jeans are the dark rinse Mon Tissu, and no they are not mesh, but they are so well done that I will forever hold them as my favorite pair of skinny jeans. I decided to go for flats, to make the outfit look like a laid back Sunday look, a simple pair of flats from Mon Tissu in a dark blue color were the perfect match. Of course, I couldn't complete the look without my Armidi bag, gold and simple it holds everything that I might need. Let's see, scavenges through the bag and cringes, argh... my Anthropologie wallet, my small Target makeup bag, with five lip colors and three cheek colors, and yes two eye shadows. Rummages further, argh yes I have my multi-vitamins, green tea pills, acai ones, my cinnamon ones, and yes I have the zinc and echinacea ones, so sue me I want to be as healthy as possible.  Then continues on further, sorry yes I have two perfumes, argh I couldn't decide it to wear Hermes or Tocca. Looks further in the bag, yes I know, I have my darn floss but I need it! Then continues on, the ipod comes out, the smartphone virgin mobile, the brush, the sunglass case, a notebook for random scribbling, a pack of gums, and about twenty other random and nonsensical items are tossed on the table. Well, that's it folks!

Ah, just waiting for my date, and wondering how the food tastes like in the bistro... hmm, yum yum!

Hidden over the little town, lies a bohemian rhapsody to make you wish you could dace like a fae!

Alright lovelies, I will leave you with this information since I forgot the exact name of the items that I am wearing. That being said, my skin for these pics was the Slasher four set from Fashionably Dead, the hair is Lost from Lamb, and the rest is from the merchants that I previously indicated. Enjoy!

Take a ride on the big sl jet.....  Zigana

As I write this lovely journal entry on my ancient notebook.... I listen to the following old but lovely song:

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