Sunday, June 17, 2012

A Premise

Irina Forwzy is my sl birth name. Irina Olive Oil Deschanel, is my chosen name. Call me Olive in short. I was born in a small field up in the Northern Ramparts of the Galileo sim, near the free nachos stand. I first started in theater perfecting my sl drama faces and then went on to do some rather fun work of using those skills. I worked in several sims and even killed zombies in my 50's clothes. But alas, those days of running have worn me out and thus I have decided to sit back and take a few moments to relax, unwind and write a most glorious journal of my travels, my clothes, my looks, my house, and of course those few things that have caught my eye but might be eyesores for all but well, the one using the said offending item. So yes, I hope this journal that has now been leaked to the internet, finds it's way in your darling hands. And I should say sir, that you will most likely love it. For the future entries, there will of course be explanations. I might also critique items in a light matter. But mostly be me randomly commenting on things. Well off I go to my sl life. To discover some random drama, or better yet lovely sim.

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