Monday, June 18, 2012

The Home.

All About the Home

Sometimes one notices an item in a store or several sims and falls in love with the items. Sometimes one decided that they just want to hit the sim owner in the head get them to change their names with yours, and then take their land and just claim it as your sl home. The latter always been the one you basically never let out. Haha. Well, I recently went to two sims I absolutely loved. One was the Zacca store's main sim. A particular favorite of mine for great textures and lovely and unique items such as pathways and gates etc it also had an amazing look to it. Here, let me show you: (For clothes information feel free to look at my flicker url, I have some information there.) Of course, I then went to U.F.O which is one of my fave stores, and discovered the incredibly detailed and somewhat secretive garden in there. It was just so great that they inspired me to change my house and freshen the look. So then I just had to edit my house so as a sneak preview hehe because I will surely brag about my house every month. So there you have it my dears, I took what I saw and made a variation of it. With my New Trails items and my house. I hope you liked it. Please do comment if you like. Cheers and XOXO. Bye

Below are the links: U.F.O Sim slurl below:



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  1. What a beautiful sim you have created! I'll visit later today :) Just lovely!!